Get to Know Us

  • There are plenty of great cappers out there, but which one should you follow his/her picks?

  • Moreover, when a capper release 6 to 10 picks, which one should you take?

  • What if you play all 10 picks and you end up having a bad day?  Now what?

  • How about when your capper having a great day and everyone who tailed are celebrating, does he/she know how many picks you actually lost by tailing him/her in the past? 

  • Don’t get me started on those cappers who show you 1 or 2 winning parlays at +1000 odds, but hides the other 20 losing ones. 


And finally, ask yourself this: How many cappers show you their track records?


This is why we started Sports-Discussions. We only release our absolute favorite pick. We play and track every single one of them in order to make sure we are making up for past losses as we move forward. 


We also bet every pick with you and show you our slip. Your loss is our loss. Once we track few losses, we immediately put a plan to find an opportunity in order to make up for them. We call those the Mega plays.     


What is a Mega play?

A mega play is a prop that has a high chance of winning because of special circumstances. 

Example: An injury of a star player; his points are expected to go to another player whom his prop line hasn’t been adjusted.

Or a player who most likely will get more rebounds against the opponent team due to the absence of a specific player. 


We chase these kind of circumstances in order to have an edge over the books. And because of injuries and Covid protocol, the opportunity to find underpriced lines arises more often.


To get all our picks, we ask for a small fee of  $29.99/month as a fair compensation for the time we spend every day to find these props by looking up stats, injuries, and to watch most games in order to reevaluate.  And most importantly for staying up all night waiting for every book to release its prop lines.


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